Maria Walks Amid the Thorn

Our Lady of the Snow Choir in Denver, Co

1. Maria walks amid the thorn,
Kyrie eleison.
Maria walks amid the thorn,
Which seven years no leaf has born.
Jesus and Maria.

2. What ‘neath her heart doth Mary bear?
Kyrie eleison.
A little child doth Mary bear,
Beneath her heart He nestles there.
Jesus and Maria.

3. And as the two are passing near,
Kyrie eleison,
Lo! roses on the thorns appear,
Lo! roses on the thorns appear.
Jesus and Maria.

The „Gesangbuch” of Andernach (1608) refers to „Maria durch ein’n Dornwald ging” as being universally known and liked at that time. The use of the words „Kyrie eleison” show that it had its origin in the first period of the creation of German religious folk songs during the Middle Ages.